Langholm Playcare Dumfries and Galloway Scotland
Langholm Playcare offers a high quality of  care in Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

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Childcare in Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway

Langholm Playcare Ltd is a Registered Charity No. SCO24553

Babies and children up to 2 years old

A separate room is used to accommodate the babies and young children. 

Development of all children in our care is encouraged through play and fun activities. A safe play area allows babies to practice their crawling and walking skills. 

A variety of toys, equipment, natural material and play resources encourage and stimulate physical development, senses, social skills, learing and promote positive outcomes whilst having fun through play. 

Things to bring:

Parents are asked to provide the following items, clearly marked or labelled:

- Children under 1 years old - parents provide all food including bottles/milk and snacks. 

- Nappies/nappy sacks/wipes/cream 

- Routine details 

- Comforter e.g. dummy, blanket 

- Change of clothes 

- Sun screen and sun hat in summer 

Please notify staff of any changes to routine. Food and bottles can be heated on the premises. We appreciate that potty training is a major step in your child's development and are therefore keen to help. 

Please feel free to pop in and see us to discuss your “strategy” further.

We offer pick ups to and from school and nursery. Ask us for details!